Physical Education Policy


Physical Education

3. Lockers.

A. Small lockers may be selected by students. One locker only per student.
Sharing lockers is not acceptable.
B. Larger half-lockers are to be used during scheduled physical education
periods only. Equipment and locks left overnight will be removed.
C. Physical Education equipment should not be kept in team room lockers.
Valuables such as money, calculators or watches should not be kept in
the locker-room.
D. When leaving the locker-room~'- double check your lock and secure all.
possessions. The top of the lockers or the bench are not secure places.
E. Unit teachers will handle all locker or locker-room problems.

4. Behavior.

A. Safety is everyone's concern. Horseplay such as running, pushing,
etc...will not be tolerated.
B. Leaving before the bell will be considered a cut from class.
C. Activity such as Frisbee or basketball will not be allowed before or after
class, especially in the gym.
D. The weight room should be used during the day and during scheduled
classes only. Supervising personnel instructing or monitoring activity is
a must.
E. Only students scheduled for a particular period can participate in class

5. Equipment.

No equipment should be given out before, after or between classes.
Remember that abuse of equipment will cost you its replacement value.
Larger amounts of equipment should be distributed outside the equipment room.

III. Health Education -Driver Education.

All students will be assigned a base or grade-level teacher for the year. First
marking period usually will designate the base teacher assigned. If health
education is assigned for the first marking period, this usually will be a student's base teacher. Each student will be given health for one full marking period, including 10th grade Driver Education.

IV. Reminders.

Showers are available to all students.
B. Food or drinks must not be brought into the gymnasium or the locker-room.
There are no exceptions.
C.Smoking/Vaping are prohibited in school. This includes outside gym and/or in locker rooms.
D. Dress quickly and report to attendance stations and squad formations.
E. Do not come down to or through the locker-rooms and the gymnasium unless
scheduled that period for physical education.

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